SITA and Palermo Falcone Borsellino International Airport have partnered on a four-month trial of a solution that aims to cut airport emissions.

More than 97% of local annual emissions at an airport are from flight arrivals and departures. These Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions typically represent the largest source of emissions for most organisations.

SITA Emissions Manager will use the SITA Airport Management solution to enable Palermo Airport to monitor and optimise selected Scope 3 emissions, including during landing and take-off cycles.

Photo: Palermo Airport

The initiative will integrate different emission datasets to help the airport make decisions to drive greater efficiency in apron operations and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The trial will also assess the benefits of using SITA Emissions Manager to optimise other Scope 3 emission sources at the airport, such as aircraft turnaround and ground vehicles.

Giovanni Scalia, CEO of Palermo Airport, said: “The environment and the eco-sustainable development of the airport are two very important topics that we intend to pursue with a series of interventions. The keyword here is ‘sustainability’, and the target is the reduction of our carbon emissions and achieving net zero by 2050 according to the resolution we signed at the 29th ACI Europe Annual Assembly and Congress in Cyprus.”